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What is Django Used for ?

In this blog, I'll be discussing what is Django, how does Django work, and what is Django used for. I will also be going over some of the key points on why it is so famous also mentioning some of the major companies and platforms that are running on Django. Jun 19 2020 by Shahraiz Ali

Data Science First Steps - Beginners Guide

Hi! In this blog I will be going over the first steps towards pursuing a Career in Data Science most of which I will be discussing will be around the open source available course and materials to get you started in the field. Jun 14 2020 by Qaisar Ali Abbas

Best Laptop for Programming

Nowadays, a computer is a necessity for each and every field of profession. Whether it be Medical, Engineering, Commerce, Visual Arts, Psychology, and anything you can think of. But Computer Science (CS) students need it the most. A CS student knows the importance of a powerful machine.... Jun 25 2020 by Qaisar Ali Abbas

Setting Up Django Project with Production Environment

In this tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to modify your project structure so that it best fits the production environment and you can be more productive in developing once all the workflow is setup. Sep 28 2019 by Shahraiz Ali

Django Interview Questions?

In this blog, I'll be going over some of the most important interview questions asked during a django developer interview. These include some of the classics as well as my personal experience with the interviews and questions that I recall being asked. let's get right into it... Sep 15 2020 by Shahraiz Ali

Whats new in Django 3.0 ?

whats new in Django 3.0? Yes, it is just released on 2nd December 2019. We will be discussing the new features which it came with. previously Django had major release of 2.0 with latest version 2.2.8 to date. But in this blog we will be solely discussing what new in 3.0 only. Let's get started.. Dec 02 2019 by Shahraiz Ali

What is Virtual Environment in Python?

In this blog we will be exploring what are virtual environments in python. Virtual environments are kind of a wrappers of python whenever we create a virtual environment... Oct 12 2019 by Shahraiz Ali

Deploy Django app for Free on Heroku (Complete Guide)

In this blog I will be going over how to deploy a python django app for free on heroku server. One might consider this solution just for the sake of …

Oct 12 2019 by Shahraiz Ali

Advancing Your Career Through Online Education

One of the most significant takeaways of 2020 is that online learning is here to stay. As we roll into 2021, it’s critical to recognize the advantages of online university degrees and discuss aspects that might be unclear.... Jan 22 2021 by Amber Ramsey

Django many to many

Django’s many-to-many fields provide a convenient way to handle relationships between models. They allow you to create relationships between objects without having to create a separate model to represent the relationship. This can be useful when you need to store information about a relationship, but don’t need to store any additional information about the relationship itself. Sep 27 2020 by Shahraiz Ali

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