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Best Django CMS for Blog App

There are alot of Django CMS (Content Management Systems) available for managing your content like Wordpress or we can say similar to wordpress in Django. I will be discussing the best ones out there with great features and incredible support...

Host your Django app on GoDaddy ?

In this blog I will be discussing whether or not it is possible to deploy a django app on cpanel based shared hosting plan on Godaddy. lets dive into it...

Whats new in Django 3.0 ?

whats new in Django 3.0? Yes, it is just released on 2nd December 2019. We will be discussing the new features which it came with. previously Django had major release of 2.0 with latest version 2.2.8 to date. But in this blog we will be solely discussing what new in 3.0 only. Let's get started..

Heroku Django store your uploaded media files for free

In this blog I will be showing you guys how to connect heroku Cloudinary with your Django app to store your Media files on cloudinary. We are doing this because we are not able to store our images/ Media on our heroku server specifically.

Integrate Wagtail into existing Django project - Django Blog App

In this blog post I will be explaining how to Integrate Wagtail into you existing django project. Simply showing how to add a blog app in your django project using wagtail which is a CMS system built on top of Django.

Deploy Django app for Free on Heroku (Complete Guide)

In this blog I will be going over how to deploy a python django app for free on heroku server. One might consider this solution just for the sake of project being live maybe to show someone or if you are working on a mobile app whose api is developed ...

Django Admin show custom field in list_display

In this blog I will be showing you guys how to show some fields in django admin page record listing in list_display.

What is Virtual Environment in Python?

In this blog we will be exploring what are virtual environments in python. Virtual environments are kind of a wrappers of python whenever we create a virtual environment...

Setting Up Django Project with Production Environment

In this tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to modify your project structure so that it best fits the production environment and you can be more productive in developing once all the workflow is setup.

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