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Django many to many

Django’s many-to-many fields provide a convenient way to handle relationships between models. They allow you to create relationships between objects without having to create a separate model to represent the relationship. This can be useful when you need to store information about a relationship, but don’t need to store any additional information about the relationship itself.

django create superuser

Creating a superuser in Django is a great way to give yourself access to the admin panel of your website. It allows you to manage users, content, and other settings from one central location.

Data Science First Steps - Beginners Guide

Hi! In this blog I will be going over the first steps towards pursuing a Career in Data Science most of which I will be discussing will be around the open source available course and materials to get you started in the field.

What is Virtual Environment in Python?

In this blog we will be exploring what are virtual environments in python. Virtual environments are kind of a wrappers of python whenever we create a virtual environment...

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