Host your Django app on GoDaddy ?

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In this blog we will be looking at the question.
"Is it possible to host a django app on Godaddy Hosting using CPanel ?"

We can face this problem if we do not consider before purchasing the hosting that whether it will support the type of stack I want or sometimes actually I have first hand had faced this problem where the client himself bought the hosting which was saying "Web Hosting" on the title now that he want his "website" to be hosted on it why is it not supported ??

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let's start by looking at the type of hostings provided by godaddy and I have tick marked the ones which support Django hosting. which in this case are only the one that are dedicated. So in short so far all of the shared hosting are not eligible for deploying Django project on them.

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So, its simple we just have to buy the right one and we are good to go right ??

well, yeah thats correct but only one aspect I want to discuss before finalizing, Pricing.

lets compare them

For the wordpress and basic shared web hosting pricing we have something like this. check current pricing

Godaddy pricing for shared hosting.png

whereas for basic dedicated hosting using the VPS pricing is like this. check current pricing

Godaddy VPS hosting pricing.png

and the dedicated servers are even more expensive.

Apart from all that if you want to deploy to a shared hosting its not impossible its very much possible but to recommended and in some cases it might not be possible at all. main reason being that mod_wsgi is not installed on their shared hosting plans and you will not have the root access to the machine as its the shared hosting so if you want to do something like change the python version or some change that requires root access that will be the major hurdle in deploying your site on godaddy shared hosting. So, in short...
Yes, its possible to deploy a simple django app on a shared hosting on godaddy but its definitely not recommended and always opt for options like AWS or Heroku but there are some shared hosting plans out there which also give full support for Django as well but Godaddy is not one of them as of today (8th Dec, 2019).

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Finally, just to avoid any confusion Python is fully supported by their linux shared hosting plans but still django is not.


  1. If you really want a shared hosting for your Django app you can use A2Hosting . They fully support Django.
  2. For the VPS I highly recommend Digital Ocean (Get $100 in credit over 60 days using this link).
  3. If you want to deploy on GoDaddy no matters what then you would have to go with their VPS Hosting plan or Dedicated Servers plan Once you have that you can continue with the deployment process. I must mention it's not going to be a simple solution.

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