Advancing Your Career Through Online Education

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One of the most significant takeaways of 2020 is that online learning is here to stay. As we roll into 2021, it’s critical to recognize the advantages of online university degrees and discuss aspects that might be unclear.

One thing is certain: Our world is evolving, and we must embrace change or we’ll be left behind. We have a unique opportunity ahead — a technological revolution that is changing every aspect of our lives, and we have the chance to adapt and snag a happier career.

Choosing Your Path

Two crucial aspects to consider are the degree you choose and that the institution where you get your degree is accredited. When choosing a degree, it’s important that you look into something that you enjoy and, at the same time, is a high-demand field. Naturally, you’ll want to be able to get a job after investing time and resources into your education. Let’s have a look at some of these fields.

Information Technology

If you’re interested in the world of IT, you’ll be happy to hear that this is one of the most in-

demand fields. Particularly important is that the number of IT jobs is anticipated to continue growing. This means that whatever path you choose to take within IT, you’re likely to find employment. Some of the IT specializations you can consider are:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Systems
  • Network Administration
  • IT Management
  • Programming
  • Software Development
  • Telecommunication
  • Data Analysis

Depending on your specialization, career paths could include IT Consultant, Computer Forensic Analyst, or Computer Network Architect. The options within IT are practically endless. If you’re interested in this field, it’s important that you research each specialization to know which one would be the most fulfilling for you, as well as brush up on your knowledge to stand out in such a competitive field.


If you’re more interested in helping people than in working with technology, perhaps the Healthcare field is the right choice for you. This is another high-demand field where the number of jobs is expected to grow, and it includes many career paths; therefore, anyone interested in this field can find something that works well for them.

Some careers that can be studied online as bachelor’s degrees or additional degrees are:

  • Physician Assistant Studies
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nursing
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
  • Dietetics and Nutrition

The Healthcare field is a great option if helping others fulfills you. Some careers focus more on one-on-one time with patients, while some focus more on information or working with other teammates instead of directly with clients.

Business Administration

Another great option that gives you plenty of career choices is studying for an online degree in Business Administration. When getting a BA degree, you’ll learn about finance, accounting, business law, management, organizational behavior, and leadership.

Even without a specialization, these high-demand skills can help you find a wonderful career. Once you decide what you want to focus on, some of the specializations you can find in BA are:

  • Management
  • Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Human resources
  • Operations

Depending on your specialization, you could be a future CEO, Business Development Manager, Financial Consultant, Budget Analyst, Project Manager, or HR Manager, among others.


Regardless of what field you choose, there are a lot of benefits to an online degree. It costs less, you have more flexibility, it’s easier to work concurrently, and you can study from anywhere in the world.

If you enjoy the social aspect of in-person learning, join an online study group or find a tutor. Remember to stay organized, create a study space to work, ask questions, and hold yourself accountable. Doing the research is the first step, so you’re already off to a great start. Ask yourself what you’re interested in and make a career out of it!

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